The 5 Best Weed Grow Light 2021 for Novice Grower

When you are in an ideal location, your weeds can enjoy enough sunlight. But when attempting to grow weed indoors or to start it from seed, natural light isn’t always enough, especially in colder climates or during the winter. In addition, they may also be affected by pests and diseases, or they may not grow for a long long time. Without enough sunlight or the right light spectrum, your weeds may only have few buds or will not bloom, and the leaves may turn yellow or fall off. Grow lights can solve these problems!

However, there are various kinds of grow lights on the market. For novice growers, how to choose a suitable grow light is a big problem. Due to the advantages of LEDs and its cost reduction, most grow lights are LEDs, which are more efficient and don't throw as much heat as fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. We have introduced "5 KEY PARAMETERS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE CHOOSING A GROW LIGHT".

Choose a grow light for your weeds, the full spectrum is preferred. In addition, for novice growers, budget is something that must be considered. This article will recommend the 5 best bang for the buck for novice grower. Hope it can help you get more from seed to harvest.


MARS HYDRO TS 1000W Led Grow Light

Power:150 Watts


Efficiency:1.96 PPFD/Watt*

Average PAR:510 µmols/m²/sec*

LEDs Quantity:342 PCS

$/PPF (Benchmark) :$0.52

Pros:Bright, white, full spectrum light with timer and thermometer. No enclosed hood, no ducting for excess heat.

Cons:Plug from ballast to hood was a little janky. The driver will hot and has a very heavy wire that needs to be plugged into the light board hanging off the side.


Viparspectra P1000 Led Grow Light

Power:100 Watts


Efficiency: 1.89 PPFD/Watt*

Average PAR: 533 µmols/m²/sec*

LEDs Quantity:300 PCS

$/PPF (Benchmark) :$0.47

Pros:It’s small and compact. The dimmer switch is incorporated into the unit. Low heat relatively, no fan noise.

Cons:It does not have an off/on switch. The cord between the driver and panel is too short.

Power:105 Watts


Efficiency:1.84 PPFD/Watt*

Average PAR:543 µmols/m²/sec*

LEDs Quantity:224 PCS

$/PPF (Benchmark) :$0.31

Pros:Adjustable dimmer and no noise. Very neat sturdy design again implies quality.Mounting hardware consists of a small thumbscrew and T stopper on each corner that fit into the aluminum heatsink.

Cons:It runs really hot. The special hangers can be a bit of a pain if you want to hang in a different manner than it recommends.

Groplanner O Series 150W Led Grow Light



Efficiency: 2.01 PPFD/Watt*

Average PAR: 824 µmols/m²/sec*

LEDs Quantity:756 PCS

$/PPF (Benchmark) :$0.43

Pros:The light is extremely bright, well made, and sturdy. There isn't too much heat coming from the light either, which is great, especially if you're using it in a tent. There are two versions, manual dimming or mobile phone dimming. 

Cons:It does not have the daisy chain cords. If there is no WiFi, please choose the manual dimming version, otherwise the dimming will not be possible.

Spider Farmer SF1000 Led Grow Light



Efficiency: 1.96 PPFD/Watt*

Average PAR: 525 µmols/m²/sec*

LEDs Quantity:270 PCS

$/PPF (Benchmark) :$0.81

Pros:Sturdy light with lots of brightness. Since it has no fan, it's super quiet. It's lightweight, thin profile - easy to move

Cons:The aluminum plate gets hot. It maybe appear moisture related problems

*The above reference Migro-shane test data*
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