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Wing series

With a unique arrangement of Samsung chips, our WING series shines evenly in every corner and perfectly achieves the PPFD standard required by plants of the whole growth stage, thus producing the most uniform crops. The WING series has the best performance and efficiency among all Groplanner lights.

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o+ series

Groplanner O+ series uses double chips with 2.75 umol/j. Daisy chain and knob dimming design. Can be assembled according to the planting area.

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The unique arrangement of light chips allows for even light distribution, and the light bar is detachable for growers to design their own preferred lighting system. I Series has the most cost-effective multiple bars LED grow lights.

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The Groplanner O series LED grow light features a full-spectrum similar to the sun which is true high efficient lighting from seedling to harvest, and is an ideal choice for hobbyist and commercial growers. The excellent design of this fixture makes larger heat dissipation area and faster heat conduction, let alone this series of lights supports the intelligent control with WiFi capability. With the Groplanner LED grow light , you'll enjoy a faster and intelligent growth.

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1:1 HPS replacement - TPO Series


What did they say?

This round we’ve found that it is finishing a lot faster under the more intense light of the groplanner i800w. All cloudy and a tad amber. Groplanner will be a major pet in our projects this plant just checks all the boxes
Everything is looking awesome under groplanner grow light I series.

Rob Dob

Groplanner have helped us with what is possibly the hardest job around. They have devoted their time to research the relationship between light and plant. It takes experimentation to be able to do this, and I must say you have all done it well. It’s not easy to increase our cannabis production and THC, but knowing that they were professional made it easier. Good product and good service is good brand.


The light has now become the center light in my grow room. The light is extremely bright, well made, and sturdy. All of our plants are loving life under this light. There isn't too much heat coming from the light either, which is great, especially if you're using it in a tent. They built this well, and created a really great product! I highly recommend Groplanner LED grow light. Groplanner, gro big, gro more!


Groplanner explore the many new and progressive methods of highly-productive organic farming on a small scale with me and be a important part of our supply chain. We are very pleased with their quality, expertise and follow-up. Groplanner thinks like we do: quality counts in the long run.

Aquaponics farmer

The experience with the Groplanner lights was great. We cooperated with Groplanner in 2019, and the output and income have greatly increased in the past 3 years. I’d highly recommend Groplanner.

Bailey Wildeman

Their targeted spectra have increased the THC and the overall output for Auto Amnesia. Groplanner will be the long-term partners with us. I would suggest ANYONE to purchase this light if your in the market. Great product, great price!

Robert Clontz

First let me say I have tried almost every option out there.. From the Blurple lights (work but simply do not compare to full spectrum in yields) to the Mars Hydro, and SEVERAL other popular models. NONE have had the quality, ruggedness, and most importantly the results that the Groplanner has had. I have seen instant results in plants. Trustworthy brand! Great light!

Scott Frazier
Organic farmer

Groplanner help us to get the sustainable cultivation under high light levels. We see a direct, linear correlation between light levels and yield. So instead of building larger greenhouses we use higher light levels. We choose Groplanner because they offered the best conditions and the best service. And we also see that the Groplanner fixture delivers more light than the others.

Mike Hussey
Hydroponics farmer

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