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For a long time, HPS grow lights have been respected as the most effective option for achieving high yields. But as LED technology advances, the tables are turning, and HPS no longer reigns supreme. Many growers are aware that LED is the better choice when it comes to matters of energy savings, environmental considerations, and longevity. But many growers are still skeptical that LED grow lights can keep up with yields of HPS. Can LEDs produce the same high-quality crops as high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps?


Let's comparing LEDs and HPS Lighting for Cannabis. 

  • Spectrum

Generalizations about LEDs to replace HPS lamps, for that matter — lead to some bad conclusions. With horticultural lighting, it’s all too easy to make apples-to-tomatoes comparisons. That’s why many growers have had disappointing experiences with LED grow light in the early years. Actually, different plants have different requirements for the spectrum. For example Groplanner TPO targeted full spectrum is designed for the cannabis. The enhanced blue light treatments can improve terpene retention in some varieties of cannabis. You can also read this article ‘’5 KEY PARAMETERS YOU NEED TO KNOW BEFORE CHOOSING A GROW LIGHT‘’ to learn more about the spectrum or contact us to customize the spectrum suitable for your crop. A tailored LED spectrum provides plants with what they need for increased growth on a per-kilowatt basis. With an optimized spectrum and strong light intensity, plants yield more salable material, which fetches higher prices because of its enhanced quality. 

  •  Energy Costs

If there is one thing LED grow lights are most famous for, it’s probably energy efficiency. You can expect to save at least 30% on your lighting-related energy costs by switching to LED grow light. But it doesn’t end there. LED grow light also emit very little heat compared to HPS lamps. When you switch from HPS to LED luminaires, you cut down significantly on supplemental cooling and ventilation. Plus, less heat means less evaporation. So, you don’t just get to back off your energy consumption. You can also get your plants to thrive with less irrigation. Like GROPLANNER TPO series, bending-cutting aluminum heatsink: the heat emission is 53% less than HPS! That means that your air-conditioning costs and the possibility of cannabis burning are reduced.

  • Efficiency

LEDs are far more efficient than HID lighting. Pound-for-pound — or rather kilowatt-for-kilowatt — they produce more light than HPS fixtures. The diodes of an LED fixture are inherently superior at converting electricity into light. That means you’ll have a lower electrical bill and you might not need as many fixtures to provide the same amount of light with faster growing.

  • Lifetime

Unlike HID, LED grow light won’t need replacement every three or four crops, and they aren’t susceptible to breakage. HID bulbs are delicate, and as growers know, they need to be handled with the utmost care to avoid costly breakage. The possibility of breakage — and the resulting release of metallic gases such as mercury — may violate European Good Manufacturing Practices and other standards. If you want to properly dispose of these lamps, you’ll need to work with — and pay — a specialized recycling facilitator.

LEDs, on the other hand, have exceptional durability and runtimes. Once hanging, Groplanner LED grow light provide 60,000 hours of runtime and 3-years warranty. It frequently go for over five years before needing replacement.


However, it's verified by hundreds of Groplanner growers that new and advanced LED lights not only offer equal light intensity; they also come with nuanced benefits that give growers more control than ever over their output and quality. 


  • Output

In 2018, Chris (8 years of planting experience in Florida) said that HPS bulbs provide an incredible amount of intense, raw light which lends itself to producing great yields. But now, at his Florida production location, he replaced the 1000W HPS with the 640W TPO series, which increased the output per square by 28%, which is a very high intensity for cannabis. If you’re interested in learning more about how LED grow light can help your organization become more efficient — while still maintaining high product quality — Groplanner.

  • LED quality

HPS has a long history and have long been the industry standard. And as the saying goes, “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.” It’s true. there’s nothing wrong with high-intensity discharge (HID) technologies like HPS. Because they’re older, HPS lights are more standardized among different manufacturers, making it a bit easier for growers to compare bulbs and set-ups. When we talk about HPS technologies in general, we pay more attention to these elements like the wattage of the fixture, whether the lamp is single- or double-ended, and whether the ballast is magnetic or electronic, etc. Melissa (5 years of cannabis growing experience in Texas) said that they have tried some led grow light, but failed. Because many led grow light did not match their descriptions, so in the end they refused to use LEDs until Groplanner sent them a free sample. Groplanner grow light like their descriptions and have been tested and certified.

  • Replacement cost

Adam (Own a marijuana Farms in Oklahoma) used 345 1000w HPS on the farm. He want to try led grow lights but hesitated. Because replace with LED grow light means that change the structure of the farm, the hanging height and layout of the lights. The replacement cost and the labor cost is not a small hesitate him. Then Groplanner recommended to them the TPO series. After testing one 640W TPO grow light, they replaced all 345 1000W HPS. And within 4 months the entire farm’s output increased by 29%.

LED grow lights have steadily increased in efficiency over the years, while simultaneously dropping in price. That’s left many growers waiting and waiting for the right time to switch. But experts say the time is now. Or, rather, years ago. So, why you still using HPS?



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