How can I make my plants grow faster and bigger?

These factors have the greatest impact on total time and yields to harvest:

1. Plant strain — genes is one of the biggest influencing factor;

2.Growing environment — Outdoors, you must consider the geographical location and seasonal changes, all of which are uncontrollable. That means  oudoor grows will take at least 6+ months.

3.LED GROW LIGHTS— It can promote vegetative accelerate growth, help to produce buds, participate in photosynthesis and suppress pests. This is a very important factor affecting the growth cycle and yield of plants.

 So, how do you make your plants grow faster and harvest more?

 1. Choose A Quick-Finishing Strain. Because everyone grows different types of plants. Such as lavender, fig trees, weed, cannabis, etc. The time for autoflowering seeds and photoperiod strains to completes its full life cycle is also different. It depends on what you want to get.


2. Choose Indoor Planting. You can control the right conditions (direct sunlight all day, good soil, right nutrients and avoid pests, etc) you can harvest huge plants and pounds of buds indoor. It can help you subtract even months.


3. Choose The Right Grow Light. Full spectrum or R&B Spectrum LEDs? In the past, most growers used the R&B Spectrum LEDs because red is most efficient for photosynthesis and blue is added to keep plants compact and a more typical shape. Researchers have found over the years, wavelengths such as green, which were previously thought  as not very useful, are proving to be important in photosynthesis and certain morphological responses. Additionally, many full broad spectrum luminaires can also emit energy in the far-red region, which can help promote stem extension and leaf expansion. Full spectrum is not just white light but broad spectrum LED. According to the growth needs of plants at various stages, providing  plants with a suitable and wide range of wavelengths light.


4. Control The Light Time. You can use "Light Deprivation" to get faster harvests. There are special light schedules, such as lowering the amount of light each day in the flowering, which can sometimes get harvest to come a little quicker. For example a 10-14 schedule (10 hours light, 14 hours dark each day) during the cannabis flowering stage may get plants ready to harvest faster for some strains. Note:the amount of light is too low will indeed hurt your yields.

 5.Make Sure Feed The Right Type of Nutrients During Each Stage of Growth. In the vegetative, it is important that you give your plants the right nutrients needed to get optimal growth. You may not need to supplement any nutrients for the first week. But next you may use more N (nitrogen) in the vegetative, and relatively more P & K (phosphorus & potassium) in the flowering. So you need to either mix your nutrients by hand, or choose a nutrient system for the flowering stage of a plant. 

Whew. We’ve learned a lot. Learn something new about growing? Have any questions? Email us for more details.

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