How about Groplanner O series LED grow lights?-----From Shano

The O series of LED grow lights by Groplanner are good quality and a very good efficiency LED grow light (for the price) with a few unique features including wifi control and an acrylic cover over the LEDs.

The cover over the LEDs wouldn't reduce PAR output. However this light delivers a very good system efficiency of 2.75 µmols/watt (usable PPF/watt) at 16" or 40cm hanging height in a 2.5 x 2.5 ft grow area and an average PAR intensity of 824µmols/m²/sec which is a high performance level.Good build quality and a solid heatsink as well as full spectrum light output for growing from seed to harvest.

I am happy to highly recommend this 'O' series of LED grow lights from Groplanner

It's got a pretty heavy-duty um backing plate here stroke heatsink with good cooling.It's got what is quite unique in this area of the market which is a very nice. It's perspex or acrylic cover over the front which seals in the leds completely and will you know help with the long life and the durability of the unit

It's got a clever driver on the back so it's programmable, and it is a smart home appliance app and you can connect up has to be wi-fi now but you can connect up um this light via wi-fi and control it with your mobile it works on ios or android. You can connect multiple units up put them onto a specific schedule all together. You can dim up and down the light switch it on and off of course remotely but also put in the timing schedule, so very useful, saves a few quid on on switches and timers as well.

And you can daisy chain some of these units together so these come in larger packs they're modular you can add them together.

And yeah well specified so it's um specified for a 2.5 ft by 2.5 ft for flowering and between 12 and 18 inches for hanging that's between 30 and 45 centimeters. I hung it at 40 centimeters fan that was optimum and i did the usual test milder walls around took 16 measurements of power and that gave an average par over the 2.5 ft by 2.5 ft up 2.75 µmols/watt. As you can see it's a pretty even distribution too and that is a system efficiency of 2.75 µmols/watt. Yeah, pretty impressed pretty good light all around. Nothing negatively to say about it considering the value for money. It's a good performer, spectrum is white plus red leds so mid color temperature white with the 660 nm reds for higher efficiency.

It's all around it's a very good light from Groplanner very good budget lighter starter light lots of great features good build quality i'm very happy to recommend.




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