Groplanner WIFI Control Tutorial

Groplanner LED Grow Light O Series Group Control

Janie Wu @ 2021-06-09 03:17:35 -0600
Control all the schedule by your phone.

How to Set up Groplanner O series WIFI connection?

Janie Wu @ 2021-06-09 02:53:17 -0600
This video will show you how to setup and use your Groplanner LED Grow Light. Please review the entire manual prior to operation. 1.Tuya Smart App only support 2.4G WIFI network(5G is not supported ); Your Device requires Apple IOS9.0 or Later, Android 5.0 or Later. 2.Please complete WIFI connection before hanging the lights; 3.After Powered on, the light will flash slowly for 45seconds to remind you to complete the wifi setting; If you don not set the wifi, the light will go into full power mode automatically for normal use after the slow flashing.(NOTE: the manual dimming Knob is not available); 4. For purpose of mutliple group control, only turn on the lights that needed to be grouped for connection, repeat this step to complete all group settingsï¼› 5. The number of lights connected is determined by the load of the router and the network, and 8 lights can be added for a general household router. If more connections are needed, please upgrade the router first(there is no limit to the number of connections of the light itself). 6.The maximum wattage is 900w for daisy-chained fixture;