How to Set up Groplanner O series WIFI connection?


  • FrankJScott

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  • HJ

    Everyone who is struggling to reconnect, you need to reset your lights. Have wifi and bluetooth on on your phone and open Tuya, the switch the electricity to the lights on and off 3 times in about 1 second intervals. After this leave the electricity on and the lights will start blinking, they’re now in connect mode. Also, if I remember correctly you need 2.4Ghz WiFi, 5Ghz won’t work.

  • Ilona

    I have been trying to reconnect my lights to the wifi and nothing seems to work!

  • JB McDaniel

    will not connect to wifi

  • Earl

    I cant connect my lights to the wifi. The instructions are not detailed enough to even troubleshoot to make them work manually. Is there any help?

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