LED Grow Light 800W - Groplanner EAGLE Series

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Groplanner EAGLE Series is an LED fixture to replace traditional HPS fixtures. Without changing the wiring, without changing the layout of the planting house, and without changing the hanging height, to increase about 100% yeild and reduce the electricity bill by at least 20%.

They are 1:1 replacement HPS, easy to install. Adopting Detachable LED Module design, easy to maintain, greatly reducing the maintenance cost for your company, and providing high PPE efficiency for your plants at all times.

Run at 800W, Groplanner EAGLE series has amazing efficiency of 2.6mol/j and 2080mol/s, so that it provides powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to achieve high yield. Apply the enhanced red and blue wavelength to increase the yeild and quanlity.

Dimmable from 0% to 100% through the controller(Not included).They can be applied to all stages of your plants.And ues the 130°x 100°LED Lens for every LEDs, making the coverage wider than grow lights from other brand.

3D-Fin designed to larger the heat dissipation area of grow light. It is a more efficient and uniform heat dissipation mode without fan, noise, or deformation, greatly increases the heat dissipation area and ensures the plant growth will not be affected by overheating in the planting area.

Groplanner Led Grow Light