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Input Power

Groplanner I series LED grow light, providing more energy while consuming less electricity, has the same performance as top brand like GVT in the field of professional planting. Balanced and stable light distribution and high-efficiency light output bring amazing output of 2.7g/w, creating more ideal light level for professional growers.

Utilize the latest in high-yielding LEDs technology today-2835 type chips which are better than Samsung LM301B diodes.Groplanner LED grow light 640W has 2,112 LEDs that allows a more even distribution while avoiding overdrive. With an efficiency of up to 2.75 µmol/j, every corner of the plant grows the best results.It has Amazing PPF 1760 umol/s, providing strong light output and uniform penetration of the canopy for high yields. 

In a special combination of spectra, the Gropalnner I series 640w not only provides the full spectrum for the entire growth cycle of the plant but also adds more red light for optimal plant yield for a better harvest.

The main advantage of Groplanner I series is the wide footprint with a big board size at 44" x 44". It can magnificently improve the light coverage and your planting efficiency, so it's perfect for 6'x6’ vegetative coverage and 5'x5' flowering coverage. The larger area is also better at heat dissipation, which helps keep the woking temperature under 52°C and ensures much longer service life.

The aluminum structure is firm and not easy to deform. Besides, the lamp body and the middle frame can be separated (Plug&Play design). The movable light bar can be used to freely adjust the light density at different points within the effective coverage area, maximizing light utilization and creating an even crop.At the same time,each lamp bar can run independently, it is easy to install, store and replace,the maintenance cost is extremely low.

Each lamp strip is equipped with an aluminum shell and cooling groove, good cooling means lower ambient heat, thus avoiding damage to plants.Generates less heat and reduces cooling costs by 50% due to the large area of the aluminum heat sink and slim passively cooled bars! 

Groplanner I series LED grow light with built-in dimming knob provides growers with greater flexibility.The dimming knob can adjust 10-100% of brightness to meet the different plant growth stages, making dimming more convenient and saving electricity costs. In addition, the light fixture can be connected in series through RJ14 network cable for unified control by using an external smart controller, which is the best choice for large-area growers, and can connect up to 100 lamps. (Smart controllers need to be purchased separately).

The aluminum structure is firm and not easy to deform. Besides, the lamp body and the middle frame can be separated (Plug&Play design), which greatly saves the transportation cost, and each lamp bar can run independently and can be replaced so that the maintenance cost is extremely low. Groplanner LED grow lights have passed ETL certification and provide after-sales service with 3-year warranty. If you have any questions on our grow light, please contact us ASAP and we will provide the best service. 

Product Detail:

Actual Power Draw: 640 Watts

PPFE: 2.75μmol/J

Spectrum: Full spectrum(400~700nm,Blue peak 450nm,Red peak 660nm)

Housing: Pure Aluminum

Input Voltage: 120-277VAC 50/60Hz

Dimming: 0%,25%,50%,75%,100%

Lifespan: >60,000 hours

Order Included:

1 x 640 Watts LED grow light

1pc x 9.8FT Input power cord

2pcs x Hanging cords with carabiners

2pcs x Adjustable pulley systems

1pc x 6.5FT External RJ14 network cable

Groplanner Led Grow Light

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