LED Grow Light 800W- Groplanner I Series

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Input Power
Light Efficiency

Groplanner I series is a professional solution for indoor planting, and the balanced lighting design is enough to cope with complex indoor use environments. With the same performance and 8-bar configuration as GVT and other high-end lighting brands, the Groplanner I series will be a great product belonging to professional growers.

Run at 800W, Groplanner I series has amazing efficiency of 2.75mol/j and 2200mol/s, so that it provides powerful light output and uniform canopy penetration to achieve high yield. At the same time, each light bar has an aluminum shell and a heat dissipation groove. Good heat dissipation means lower environmental heat, thus avoiding damage to plants.

Groplanner I series LED grow light with built-in dimming knob provides growers with greater flexibility. In addition, the light fixture can be connected in series through RJ14 network cable for unified control by using an external smart controller, which is the best choice for large-area growers, and can connect up to 100 lamps. (Smart controllers need to be purchased separately).

The aluminum structure is firm and not easy to deform. Besides, the lamp body and the middle frame can be separated (Plug&Play design), which greatly saves the transportation cost, and each lamp bar can run independently so that the maintenance cost is extremely low. GROPLANNER promises a series of warranty terms,  and provide 7*12hrs online service.